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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Everything Bad is Good for You

I’m underwhelmed.

(If you read Gee, Shirky’s Here Comes Everyone, Jenkins’ Convergence Culture, and brush up on Jensen and Flynn’s racial theories, you can pretty much skip this one, cuz its mostly a rehash.)

My take on it: B minus


Why Video Games are Good for Your Soul

This should be a runaway best seller. Gee gets to the heart of why you can’t ignore video games, why they’re revolutionizing the way people think and learn, and why you and I need to know about them.

My take on it: A plus plus baby!

White Tiger

Its not easy to stomach the abject poverty but you nevertheless must read this bizarre and disturbing rags to riches story of a nobody from the Indian slums.

You can skim: its the plot that counts; the writing is not quite so good. It can be finished in a few evenings.  Check out the echoes of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby: the rich, however well-intentioned, betray the poor through their myopia and blind selfishness.

My take on it: B with a big plus for plot


I couldn’t put it down… it’s spare eloquence never wasted my time and yet told great stories. And it is non-fiction. Its about exceptional people, and how they got there.

There are reasons for even the most seemingly unexplainable coincidences: why do so many pro hockey players have January birthdays, and why are so many giants of the computer industry (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Joy) born within a year of each other?

I’m in love with Malcolm Gladwell’s brain. And its a good fun read…

Boils down to: A plus