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Filled with pungent details around what its really like to grow onions and raise pigs in the backyard of an Oakland California tenement, this book reeks of originality and spunk. Some passages, relating to dumpster diving and ‘poultry harvesting,’ are not for the faint of heart, but author Novella Carpenter brings a sense of gritty dignity to her experiment in living off the land in an urban environment. I loved Carpenter’s on-the-fringe neighbors, and I loved imagining what her living room looked like (with bee hives) and smelled like (with rabbit hutches). There’s nothing out there like this book. Breathe deep and enjoy.

A – (minus for occasional ‘narrative meandering’)


Dr. Sandra Steingraber, PhD in biology, has written two compelling books. An interesting mix of personal narrative and scientific facts, the books weave a path between her own story and the story of the poisoning of the earth. To me, it is astounding that, after reading them, not everyone takes up the cause to save the planet from the looming threat of toxins, petrochemicals and carcinogens.

To be honest, her books have triggered me into action, both for my future and my daughter’s. This is a must read for anyone who cares about the 7th generation.

Note: Steingraber wrote “Living Downstream“, the 1990’s bestseller.

Solid A for relevancy and integrity (no plus, because every once in a while she rambles on a bit, not often but every so often, so if you find yourself skimming in a few places, know that you are not alone. So did I.)