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Category Archives: language

David Weinberger has done it again. In a breezy, scholarly mix of insight and hard data, Weinberger show us how knowledge itself has lost currency to be replaced by knowledge-networks and webs of data.

Showing both the dark side of ubiquitous information as well as the promise of unfettered access to knowledge, Too Big To Know traces the path we have taken starting from the contained static published book to where we are now in the digital age.

Using his signature chatty, pithy style, Weinberger gives us a full view of the changes in online communication including the dangers of ‘echo chambers’ but also the explosion of scholarly communities which are now more broad and inclusive.

Check out a good review by Jeff Jarvis.

Of course an A. Weinberger’s a favorite of mine and this one does not disappoint.


And now for something completely different: John Pollack sings his tribute to the lowly pun. The oft maligned quirk of language has persisted since ancient history and has attracted an impressive list of supporters and critics. The book is a pleasurable engrossing read, with lots of detail and tastefully placed reminders of the book’s subject.

If you have read “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”, you’ll love this one. Both books are in that somewhat overly precious genre of oh-so clever works about writing and language.

A very nice A- (the minus for a few really bad puns)